Low Cost

Economically priced service



Receipt Entry time as low as 3 -4 seconds



Implementation time as low as 15 days depending on the property type and data.

Why choose Flexi PMS.?

The hospitality industry is a broad industry with its own peculiar challenges and offers. Flexi PMS has been developed under the guidance of hospitality experts; the Hotel management software can accommodate complex operations and gear towards meeting the need of Hoteliers. It has a whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of property management for various types of property like hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B’s, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condo’s, hostel, and apartments.

Front Office Operations

The front desk employees are responsible for making every hotel guest comfortable and have an awesome experience at the hotel. To achieve this goal a good hotel management software is needed to help them carryout their tasks more efficiently and effectively

With Flexi PMS, medium or large hotels provide their guests with a unique opportunity to order & enjoy food & beverage in their own room which ensures privacy, convenience & a great dining experience. The software also ensures the process is properly documented and accurate reports are captured and generated.

This feature provides us all the information about an inhouse guest based on the information provided

Guest reservations can be viewed and the available rooms are displayed on the software

Guest can secure a room at the hotel through direct walk-in or Pick automatically from Reservation

Room rent is calculated automatically on the software for stay days with no stress as well as the room service. Merge Check-ins: The software allows you to merge different guest folios

building, hotel, bed and breakfast

The night audit shift starts when most hotel staff leave for the day. Hotel night audit procedures vary with the size and type of hotel and can include front desk, customer service, and maintenance duties, as well. Flexi PMS provides an easy Night Audit process with an automated backup system and reports.

Flexi PMS comes with in-built financial accounting reports. There will be no need to integrate a third-party accounting solution (although this is optional).

Flexi PMS interface enables integration with online Reservation Engine. This allows the customer receive reservation through their website, mobile apps and other online platforms

Flexi PMS offers interface with Door Lock. Typically, all door locks come with software. So when a guest checks in, the desk clerk checks in the guest in the Hotel Software and Door Lock software. Having this interface in place, they only have to check in the guest in Flexi PMS and it will send needful signals to Key Card Encoder to make room key for the guest for giving check-in and check-out date. This further adds control to the hotel operation. As such, Flexi PMS can be integrated with any door lock, provided technical information is available from the vendor.

  • Managing Miscellaneous Sales (Accounts Receivable) like Swimming charges, Gym charges, and other extra charges
  • Managing Expense (Account Payable)
  • Creation of City Ledger/ Direct Billing Company Account with Credit Limit Setup
  • Create housekeeping tasks and schedule
  • Housekeeping view mode for efficient management

Our Working Process



We shall set up a meeting with the prospective client to understand their needs and problems. Then, our team of professionals will conduct a site survey. Finally, we would recommend appropriate solutions.



Following from the consultation phase, we will draft and send a detailed proposal which will contain information about the proposed solution(s) our team would be offering. This is also the phase where we will discuss and finalize the commercials of the proposal.



Once payment has been confirmed and all data collected, our team will be mobilized for deployment. The duration for deployment is usually between 1 – 30 days, although this is dependent on the frequency at which data is received from the client.


Training and support

After the deployment of the software, owners, managers and users are trained based on their roles and functions. The training team usually ensures that the trainees understand the solution and also allow for quality interaction during and after the training sessions. We also provide training manuals for personal use or further guidance. Upon complete deployment and training of our solutions, we offer one-year free support to our clients. However, support from the second-year will be payable.

“Hotel and Restaurant operations are complex. However, it's imperative that owners and managers have a solution that simplifies the complexity. This is where Flexi PMS comes in. Our solution ensures seamless, flexible and simplified operations..”