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Guest care

As Guest Care Manager you will be responsible for the day to day running of the guest care team and will be an essential part of the management team on center. You will act as a key point of management contact for our groups immediately prior and throughout their stay.

As well as excelling in all aspects of leadership and mentoring, you will have a high focus on guest welfare. Development of the guest care team is a key aspect of this role.

The Effective Module is designed to help the Guest Care manger this is one module for Handle the Hotel Related issues and Solutions.

The Complaints or Case may originate from various Sources; it may be from Hotel Guest, Staff, Management or other person. And the reason also likes Room Issues, Problem-Technical, Problem-Non Technical, Request etc.

The interface is provided to capture the Name and Contact details, Subject and description, Action plan: what to do and whom to do. Service/Resolution: when, who and How the issue are resolved.

View/search record Tab: Flexible Search and report of Cases

FAQ and Tips:  You can Add/Read Article or Question and Answer for Issues.