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Mini store

The in-house store and service center for avail various product and services to the hotel guest and walk in customers. Which is related to stores of the hotel like Bisleri, soap, remotes, etc which are room service items.

Select the product from the list shown in the Right Side, you can directly add the new product for the list by add New Product Button.

You can edit the rate or quantity by Edit Rate button and you can delete the selected product by remove button.

Billing or stock transfer

You can bill selected product for cash sale or credit sale.

These products are offered as Room Services.

Here, the stock is transferred from one place to another.

These products are also considered for Donation, Gift etc

Mention the amount and clock on Save and Bill button.

You can view the saved transaction in View screen.

And you can delete the saved transaction by Delete option.

You can take print of selected transaction.

How to use Mini store in House Keeping