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Cash Receipt

Cash receipts are the collection of money, typically from a customer, which increases (debits) the cash balance recognized on a company's balance sheet.

A cash receipt is a proof of purchase issued when the buyer has paid in cash. When money is received in (cash, or in cheque which is deposited into bank account or by direct credit into to bank account). At least one ledger account must be credited and cash / bank account must be debited. Cash Bank Debit balance increases (or bank credit balance decreases).


This field is used to enter the cash transaction. (Amount received only)

In Receipt Date select the date on which amount is received.

Voucher Number is automatically displayed.

Dr.:- Cash A/c is automatically debited.

If you enter the cash amount to the ‘Credit’ column, ‘Debit’ column is fill automatically.

Cr.:-Credit the A/c through which we received the amount.

Credit is the type the amount in credit column.

Type the remarks if any related to the transaction.

Save is the button to save the entry by clicking ‘Save’ button or Press Alt + S key.

Delete is the button to delete the transaction, Type the Voucher No. of the entry which you want to delete and press ‘Enter Key’, transaction displayed and click ‘ Delete’ button or press Alt + D key.

This will show the following form to delete the transaction click ‘Yes’ or press Alt + Y. To cancel the delete transactions click ‘No’ or press Alt + N.

Reset is the button used to refresh the Transaction.

Close button used to close the Cash Receipt window.

How to make Receipt Entry