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Category master:

 Hotel/Lodges having Different Categories of Rooms like Double Room with A/c ,  Double Room without A/c, Suite rooms etc. with different tariff and tax, as well as Maximum  number of person allowed in the particular room category. This is the Room Category Master entry format.


You can create a new category for the list.

You can edit the created list by edit option.

If there is any mistake you can delete it.

If you click any of the above button you find a screen as shown below:


Here, you have to add the category name first and then add the price for particular room, tax rate. And even you have to add different rent for day wise, hour wise, month wise; for each category there will be different rate.

There is an option for coloring for room status like reserved, occupied, not ready etc. You can change colour for each category differently for each status of room.

To change colour, first you have to select a room category and select define button.

Choose the colour you wish and press ok.

Then press update.

Advance rent:

The advance rent module to manage the Special renting option for Seasonal pricing. The rent can be defined on weekday basis or a specific date. The rent is defined by percentage or by amount value. Apply for all the Selected Advance rent options applicable for all Categories. Apply effective selected Category only.


And close the screen.

Category Master